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Tax & Accounting Services

For most individuals, “tax planning” doesn’t occur until they begin the process to prepare their tax return with an accountant. Often times it’s too late to take advantage of tax planning strategies. Ideally, tax planning should be done on a forward-looking basis DURING the year…H&S is focused on understanding all tax strategies to help reduce the tax liability for our clients, wherever possible.

Client Centered

Working exclusively with the co-founders (in-house CPA) and estate attorney's personally vetted by H&S to:

  • Tax Preparation**
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate and Trusts
  • IRS and State Audit Representation
  • NUA (Net Unrealized Appreciation) strategies - (Company stock held in a 401k)
  • IRS Tax Resolution

* discounts may apply for those clients of H&S Tax and Wealth Advisors

** H&S Tax Associates LLC, an accounting firm, is affiliated with H&S Tax and Wealth Advisors, LLC through common control and ownership. Our tax services are separate and distinct from the compensation paid to our affiliate for their services. This affiliated firm is otherwise regulated by the professional organizations to which it belongs and must comply with the rules of those organizations.

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